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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Procrastination and Writing

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I am a writer and oftentimes life gets in the way of writing. How does one write consistently and with passion when so much is going on.


It takes discipline and commitment to be a passionate writer. You have to WANT to do it. Does that mean you are going to wake up one morning with excitement and a mind full of words begging to be written? well...not always. There will be times where you are looking for the make notes about what you want to write about. This can happen at the worst times...

There you are, up to you netherplace in snow and cold with the greatest idea and nothing to write on. Sure, you could use some toilet paper but what would you use to write with? There are some ways around the above problem such as:

If you plan ahead, you will not be stuck with only toilet paper and lots of ideas.

There are other places to get good ideas at bad times, but to me, that is the worst.

Planning ahead is key to successful writing. Set goals, try to make a schedule such as writing every day at the same time. By trying to write everyday at the same time, you get yourself into a habit. It will be tough at first, you may find yourself doing this:

Once you force yourself into a routine of writing, you will wonder why you procrastinated for so long. If you find yourself procrastinating after you have set a routine, make a new goal and do it all over again...but maybe not the toilet in snow. Unless you are writing horror, then by all means, write your words while sitting on a toilet in teh snow.

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