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Food! We Have to Eat, Even if We Have Allergies

See my new blog on this very subject! Lightning and Lightbulbs Recipe Blog

I have all sorts of allergies and I know a bunch of people who have allergies too...but what to eat when it seems you are allergic to everything? Stay tuned and enjoy!

Oat, chocolate chip brownies

Here you will find a collection of recipes I love that address all sorts of food allergy issues. We have to eat, so let's have some fun!

Black  Krim Tomatoes

Cheerios ...just because

 Chicken stew

 Plain roasted chicken YUM

 Chocolate chips just because. There will be very few chocolate recipes as I have been told to stay away from know...chocolate!! 

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  1. I decided to make a blog dedicated to my recipes! Look for the link on the sidebar!