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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coffee, hot or cold?

I love coffee! I drink it every morning to wake up my soul, energize my spirit...ok..because it is a good routine for me. I love my coffee hot,cold, iced, frozen into a delicious dessert, anything but straight black or too sweet.

I had one of those single serve coffee makers and absolutely loved it, but expensive!! Being the ever so cheap, I mean frugal, person, I set about finding a way to make the perfect cup of coffee without such a high expense.

I discovered POUR OVER brew! Oh wow, I was struck with excitement at this prospect of making one cup at a time, or pouring over just enough for one cup. There are many styles of pour over coffee makers to choose from so I chose the cheapest one I could find, plain and simple. The one I got can make up to 12 cups of coffee, and it does. I had to try!

It works wonderfully!! I love the ease of making one cup of coffee however strong I want it. How does it work? Put a cone filter in it. If you cannot find a cone filter, the standard kind will work.

Put in your grounds, two tbls per six ounces, or however you like it.

Heat your water to almost boiling.

Pour just enough water onto the grounds in your filter, to moisten them.

Wait about 30 seconds. Continue pouring very hot water over the grounds until your cup is as full as you want it.

There you have it! Coffee! Use the same method for a full pot if you want. But what about iced coffee? No problem!!

You can make up coffee ahead of time and chill, or do it this way:

Coffee grounds per how many cups of coffee you want

One container (a glass or jug)


Put grounds into container and pour a small amount of water over the top, enough to make like a coffee soup.

I am making two quarts of coffee with this mixture.

Now, you let this coffee soup sit for anywhere from 20 minutes to over night. Using your pour over coffee maker, strain the grounds into another container or cup. This is very concentrated!! Add water to taste.

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