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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bell's Palsy or Cervical Myelopathy with Spondylosis?

I have had trouble with the left side of my face for years. It will get very hot to the point that it felt like it was on fire. I also struggle with the feeling in my ear as if someone were stabbing me with an ice poker. Then my face goes numbish and things calm down a bit. The heat and numbness may last for hours but at least the searing, ice poker pain only lasts seconds or at most a minute.

Triggers: Stress, having sound near my ear. Some tones will set everything off in horrible motion, leaving me breathing like I am about to give birth to a 20 pound baby. If I use my left arm for much of anything, it can cause the burning sensation. (I also have rotator cuff disease).

This is an update to my post about Bell's Palsy. Since that post, I have been diagnosed with cervical myelopathy with spondylosis and Trigeminal neuralgia. Both of these can cause the Bell's Palsy symptoms. I do not know for certain which is the culprit. Maybe they all are!

Coping? Well, I get through it. Ice packs are my very best friends and I try not to be far from them. Seriously, I need to move a freezer in my room, packed full of ice packs, ready at a moments notice. I follow the rules of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off with the ice. I do not need other complications caused by over icing!! The only place I want too much icing is my muffin!

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