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Friday, March 27, 2015

Years Later and Still Have Trouble

I wrote a post on my ear infection and Bell's Palsy so I thought I would give an update. Even though common opinion among the doctor community seems to be that Bell's Palsy is a one shot pain and you never get it again, reading forums and my own experience say otherwise.

I still have symptoms flare up, or ones that are always there. Mind you these are not bad ones, not like my face is sliding off or I am drooling, but there are there. The pain, the facial burning, numbness, eye droop comes and goes as it pleases but never goes away.

To me, it defies all logic as to how it can be a one shot wonder and done because it is caused by nerve damage and irritation. Call me silly but if I have never heard of a cure for nerve damage or anything that cures the ears or neck from every getting irritated and messing with nerve fibers. If they have found one, tell me about it!

So, as it turns out, with my Bell's Palsy, it all started with my ear infection but which came first, the ear infection or the issues I have with my spine....the spine did. The ear infection just added to it all, brought the inflammation out in the open, wild and free, ready to wreak havoc on my daily life.

As I type this, I have an ice pack on my neck because the nerves all up and down the left side of my face are itching. Good luck fellow Bell's Palsy sufferers. May you find a way to stop the pain and numbness and maybe yours is a one shot wonder that you will never experience again. I hope so.


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