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Monday, January 2, 2012

Menieres Disease

I have had Meniere's diesase for many years now. Here is a link to what it is: The doctors have never been able to tell me how to control it, or what causes it, because they don't know. My symptoms are getting worse, it affects both ears now, at the same time, a random feeling of having my head in a bucket, which progresses to feeling like I am going to pass out. The worst of the symptoms will lift in about 20 minutes or so, leaving me feeling exhausted and nauseated for the rest of the day. My ears may feel full for a few days and my hearing is bad  more than it is good. I have been told that my hearing may return to full use someday, but there is no way of knowing when. So, for now, I put my headsets on when I can to turn up the sounds so I can still enjoy things like music and a  movie. I do have a problem with this sometimes though because this can actually trigger an attack. My symptoms hit full force again a few months ago, after enjoying a few years of relatively mild attacks. I keep Meclizine around to take when the symptoms are so bad I cannot stand up. The Meclizine helps to curb the vertigo so that I can at least walk across the room to the bathroom and back. I cannot cook or do any kind of food preparation in this state, even with the Meclizine. I am fortunate that I still have adult children at home that can prepare food for me when I am that sick, and I will be married soon, so my husband gets to take on that responsibility....:(. I hope that these attacks do not get constant. It is difficult, and depressing, to go day by day wondering when the next attack is going to happen. I try not to think about it in hopes that the attacks would not happen, but alas, they still do. Feel free to post anything about your experiences with Meniere's Disease.

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